Getting Started

This is the first step to getting the operating capital you need. This is the secret many business owners already know:

You can use the power of your future credit card sales to access the cash you need today!
No borrowing, no banks, no loan application fees! Merchant Capital Direct can provide you with a cash advance for your small business that will have you back in the black!

The main thing you need to obtain a cash advance from MCD is a history of credit card acceptance. Previously processed Visa and MasterCard transactions are used to determine how much will be advanced to the business. Credit history is the least of our concerns, making our cash advance an easy solution for businesses with less than great credit histories.

Businesses in operation for a short period of time can have a hard time getting a loan, but Merchant Capital Direct only requires 9 months of operating history with the same owner operator.

Repayment is determined as a direct percentage of future credit card receipts. This means, during times of low sales, businesses repay a lower amount, accordingly, while paying more when sales are higher.

With MCD, any number of businesses and industries can gain from the cash advance financing alternative. And with simple repayment terms – adjusted according to the income of the business and automatically deducted incrementally from future credit card sales – a cash advance for small business operations can provide a simple and convenient alternative for those businesses seeking financial capital. We get paid when you get paid, letting you get the capital you need without repayment terms making things even harder on you.

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