Our Services

We understand your need for cash is a reality of doing business. But unlike banks, the reason you need the cash is not our concern, nor is your personal credit history. Our primary concern is enabling you to access the value of your future Visa and MasterCard credit card sales in exchange for cash today!

At Merchant Capital Direct you will receive a cash advance that fits your unique business needs. You’ll also find the professionalism, compassion, experience that enable us to serve you in the way that you need most. Please contact us directly to answer any questions you may have.

If you have operated your business for more than 9 months and process over $5,000 per month in Visa/MasterCard, then you are eligible for our financing. Take advantage of the ability to unleash the growth potential of your business with additional working capital for:

  • Inventory: Volume discounts, special buying opportunities or seasonal purchases.
  • Advertising: Increase the volume of your business by expanding your customer base and increasing awareness of your products/services.
  • Expansion/Remodeling: Grow and venture into new markets and new locations, or attract new customers to your existing locations with a new image!
  • Equipment Purchases: Modernize and improve the efficiency of your business with new technology and equipment necessary to compete in your markets.
  • Emergencies: Respond to the unpredictable demands of day-to-day operations to maintain your competitive advantage and protect your investment.
  • Taxes: When taxes are due, taxes are due! Pay your taxes on time to avoid penalties, interest and liens.
  • Back Bills: Get caught up with important vendors in less than 5 business days!

We know that it takes money to make money, and we are here to provide you with the cash you need to expand your business. Our cash advance products do not require fixed payment schedules, but instead, our collections are based on the success of your business.

A Merchant Cash Advance from Merchant Capital Direct gives you the ability to successfully manage your working capital – which is key to your overall success. Many businesses struggle to maintain enough of working capital. Every Business experiences periods of limited cash flow and needs access to extra money to operate successfully. If your business has a need for capital, WE ARE YOUR SOLUTION!

How Merchant Capital Direct works

We can help you keep your dream alive..or make it better.

We purchase a set dollar amount of your business’s future Visa/Mastercard sales at a discount, and in exchange we pay your business cash today! Then, through an automated process, we seamlessly collect the agreed upon amount by taking a small percentage from each Visa/Mastercard transaction. Basically, we get paid as you get paid!

MCD prides itself on its flexibility. MCD structures each merchant advance to fit the unique operating and revenue circumstances of every customer.

Our goal is to get working capital in the hands of your business quickly while structuring the holdback percentage to meet your business’s ongoing operating requirements. Our financing program has become an important alternative to traditional bank lending as a source for short term funds.